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  • PUSH, POP, KICK! New work being added for July!

    If you came out to see our new show on June's First Friday Art Walk, you know it was a fun time, full of creative and unique works featuring the art and design of contemporary skateboard culture.

    PUSH, POP, KICK! is a three month exhibition continuing throughout the summer with new work being added every month from local, regional and national artists. The skateboarding culture and its visual art evolution has been well documented since its conception. Artists from all over the world were invited to create works that question what we know about the skateboarding aesthetic. The artists selected have backgrounds in many types of mediums ensuring a wide variety of concepts and visual expression.

    In skateboarding and in the arts, the only limits that are set are the ones you make. These artists were able to maneuver around obstacles, gain momentum, and strive for the perfect line.

    In PUSH/POP/KICK session 2, we found many talented artists in a subculture of DYI enthusiasts from around the globe. Click on the names below for links to their websites and examples of their work!

    New featured artists for July:

    Jeff Kubasak (CA), Michael Hsiung (CA)

    With new work from:

    James Roberts (CO), Jesse Frazier (CO), Natalie Riley (UK), The Good Cap'n (IL), Eli Coccetti (CA), Jesse Duquette (MA), Jade Kuei (NY), Cyrus Swann (MN)

    Additional artists, along with the featured artists from June:

    Jimbo Phillips (CA), Winston Tseng (NY), Mark Bueno (CO), Lindsey Kuhn (CO), Bryan Andrews (CO), Zach Smith (CO), Abby Bennett (CO), Thomas Scharfenberg (CO), Erik Mikelsons (CO), Mike Blosser (CO), Josh Barnett (CO)

  • Closing Party for "The Long Road: A Photographic Journey"

    Please join us this Saturday, April 25, 3-7, for the closing party for "The Long Road: A Photographic Jouney", our celebration of the life, work and passion of Hal Gould and his Camera Obscura Gallery. This show has been an amazing experience for us, and is not to be missed!

    Hal Gould will be attending from 3-5, so please come and honor Hal in person!

    There will also be live music in our downstairs space starting at 7 pm!

    Westword named this show as one of the Top Ten Not-to-be-Missed shows in the Month of Photography Denver 2015

    Besides those of Hal Gould, we are featuring original photographic works by Loretta Young-Gautier, Jude Sanchez, Dona Laurita, as well as Ansel Adams, Sebastião Salgado, Ernest Knee, Man Ray, Phillippe Halsman, Jerry Uelsmann, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Walter Chappell, Edward Curtis, Imogen Cunningham, Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Arthur Siegel, William Mortensen!

    Come and see, up close and personal, original prints by some of the masters of the photographic medium that might otherwise only be seen in museums. Don't miss this great opportunity to view this spectacular collection on loan from Hal Gould.

  • "In the Spirit of the Beats - An Evening of Stories and Poems"

    SPECIAL EVENT ALERT:  Saturday, April 4, 7:30-9pm 

    Immediately following the MoP reception:

    "In the Spirit of the Beats - An Evening of Stories and Poems"

    Ed Ward

    Ed Ward’s current literary endeavor centers around his monthly show at The Mercury Café, STORIES STORIES BRING YOUR STORIES, an evening of tales, tellings, and fictions. He has hosted numerous poetry reading series in sundry Denver venues: The Mercury Café (in the 90s), The Monastery (in the 80s), Café Nepenthes & The Casual Lounge (in the 70s), and PS 1515 in 2005. Ed publishes his own work (poetry, plays, novels & fiction) and that of others via his small press concern, PASSION PRESS/IMAGEMAKER. Ed has received the following literary awards: The James Ryan Morris Memorial Foundation's Colorado Art Award, the Tombstone for Poetry in 1979; Westword's 1998 Denver's Best Poetry Reading Award; and The Society for the Advancement of Poetic's LuLu Award in 2000 for service to the literary community. Ed has also worked on numerous small press publications, editing both Passion Press magazine (1981-1988) and POINT magazine (1991-1992). 

    Greg Matheny

    Greg Matheny was a closet poet in the Engineering world for eons, hidden behind poetic interoffice memos that gave only the slightest glimpse of his creative soul.  Today he nuzzles grass in the pasture of retirement, still writes poetry and stories, and occasionally reads aloud in Denver, Colorado.

  • Upcoming events for April related to "The Long Road: A Photographic Journey" and MOP!

    Our current show "The Long Road: A Photographic Jouney", featuring the work, passion and legacy of Hal Gould and Denver's Camera Obscura Gallery, is continuing through the month of April with some new work, some very special events and a whole lot more to experience in conjunction with the Month of Photography Denver 2015. Named by Denver Westword as one of the "Month of Photography 2015: Ten Not-to-Miss Shows"!

    • 4/3, from 6-9+ PM: Join us for the Louisville Arts District's April First Friday Artwalk,

    • 4/4, from 3-7: Our special April Month of Photography Reception and Re-Opening with new work being added to this already amazing and not-to-be-missed exhibition including photographs by Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Jerry Uelsmann, Arthur Siegel, Imogen Cunningham, and more.

    • 4/4, 7-?: Please join us for a VERY SPECIAL EVENT in our downstairs performance space immediately following the MoP Reception! "In the Spirit of the Beats - An Evening of Stories and Poems", featuring Ed Ward and Greg Matheny. Space is limited. Come early.

    • 4/25, 3-7: "The Long Road" Closing Party! Please celebrate the closing of this very special show with us! Rumor has it that Hal Gould will be in attendance, holding court as he was at the opening in March. Not to be missed.

    • 4/25, 7-?: Live original music in our downstairs performance space! Details TBA. Stay tuned!

    Gallery hours: Thursday and Sunday, 1-6, Friday and Saturday 1-9, and by appointment: 303-818-1616.

  • Great TV segment on our current show on Inside Boulder News!

    Check out the spot on our current Month of Photography show "The Long Road: A Photographic Jouney" on Inside Boulder News! It starts at around 4:25, and contains interviews with Hal Gould and Dona Laurita. Great quote from Hal: "The camera is just a tool. The image is made by the artist in the mind and in the heart".

  • Month of Photography opening and celebration of Hal Gould and Camera Obscura Gallery

    Month of Photography opening and celebration of Hal Gould and Camera Obscura Gallery

    What an amazing start to our contribution to the Month of Photography Denver 2015! We feel very honored to be showcasing the work and legacy of Hal Gould and Denver's Camera Obscura Gallery. In addition to all of the amazing representation of the Front Range photo community, Hal, the guest of honor, was at the opening on Saturday, and we celebrated his 95th birthday! Thanks to all who came out! This show will be up through April.

  • Very special show coming up in March for the Month of Photography!

    Very special show coming up in March for the Month of Photography!

    We have a VERY special show coming up in March, as part of the Month of Photography! "The Long Road: A Photographic Jouney. The Work and Legacy of Hal Gould and Denver's Camera Obscura Gallery". If you know of Hal and Camera Obscura, you are aware of his immense contribution to the Denver area photography scene. If you are aware of the Month of Photography tradition, then you will understand why this is a show not to be missed!

    PLUS: Come join us for the MoP Opening reception on March 7th, from 3-5 and meet Hal Gould and help us celebrate HIS 95TH BIRTHDAY!!!

  • Joseph Campbell Lecture Series

    Joseph Campbell Lecture Series

    We are very pleased to announce our first lecture series of 2015! Gallery contributor and local photographer (as well as professor of Greek and Roman history) will be leading a symposium focused on the works of Joseph Campbell. Space is limited, so, if interested, contact us ASAP! Info below. This is going to be great!


    Photographer/Professor Steve O’Bryan, in collaboration with Dona Laurita Gallery
    create a 3-part series of multi-media presentations to highlight the ideas of Joseph Campbell

    Louisville, CO – We all at some point in our lives ask, “why am I here?,” and “what is the purpose of life?” Mythologist Joseph Campbell has shed some light on these basic questions. A three-part series on the stories, myth and meaning of the ideas of Joseph Campbell will be coming to Louisville in February. For the following Sundays, February 8, 15, 22, 6:30-8:00 pm, at the Dona Laurita Gallery (820 Main Street, Louisville, CO 80027), join Steve O’Bryan, professor of Ancient Greek and Roman History and local photographer, for three nights of lively lectures and discussions. A multi-media presentation is included with video clips and photographs to highlight some of the important ideas of Joseph Campbell.

    “Joseph Campbell has been a part of my personal awareness, and my photography complements my interest in him and his ideas,” says Steve O’Bryan, “Campbell brings to light the meaning of being alive by following your bliss and photography is a way I follow my bliss.”

    Campbell focuses on myths, stories, and religions and how they contribute to the meanings that resonate within our life experiences. Also to be explored are the shared functions of myth and religion, the idea of knowing one’s purpose in life versus the experience of feeling truly alive, the concept of eternity, the hero’s journey, and, of course, bliss.

    If you have ever wondered about Joseph Campbell’s ideas or have been considering what brings meaning to one’s life, O’Bryan sends a special invitation to you. The cost for the full series is $45 or $20 for each night separately. Tickets are limited. For tickets and more information visit Dona Laurita Gallery’s website at, email, or call 303-818-1616.

    Joseph Campbell: Stories, Myth, and Meaning
    What: 3-Part Series: Multi-media lecture to highlight some of the important ideas of Joseph Campbell
    When: Sundays, February 8, 15, 22; 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
    Where: Dona Laurita Gallery, 820 Main Street, Louisville, CO 80027
    Tickets: $45 for the series; $20 each night separately; tickets are limited.
    For tickets and more information:, email, or call 303-818-1616

    About Steve O’Bryan Photography
    Steve O’Bryan has taught ancient Greek and Roman history at at Metropolitan State University of Denver for 22 years.  For the past five years, O’Bryan has dedicated more of his time to his landscape and travel photography. His company, Wild Basin Photography and Gallery, is located in the North Boulder Art District. O’Bryan’s portfolio is filled with images of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West, and also includes images from Rome, Florence and Northern New Mexico (Santa Fe, Abiquiu, and Ghost Ranch—-Georgia O’Keefe’s landscape). Currently, O’Bryan is dedicated to teaching public programs and workshops on topics in photography and on Joseph Campbell.